Simple wills won’t protect your legacy

Wills are simple aren’t they? For most of my career, I had been told that wills are so straightforward that anyone can draft them. Unfortunately, this public misconception encourages people to attempt to draft their own wills or buy low-cost “will packs” online or from a stationer. Continue reading “Simple wills won’t protect your legacy”

Cutting corners in estate administration may only add more costs

It has often been said that dealing with the administration of the estate of someone who has passed away is fairly straightforward.  Indeed, it is surprising how many executors feel that they can administer the estate of a loved one themselves. *Recent surveys indicate that 42% of the public would deal with some element of an estate administration themselves with 12% saying they would deal with all the legal issues themselves. Continue reading “Cutting corners in estate administration may only add more costs”

Don’t let life imitate a soap opera

In an attempt by TV producers to create realistic televisual experiences, we often find soap opera storylines can be very close to the mark and that life can easily imitate art. In a recent Coronation Street storyline a main character made the decision to end his life. By not writing a will before his death, his estate did not automatically transfer to his family. If this was to happen in real life it would cause additional distress at a time of difficulty with a potentially costly outcome. Continue reading “Don’t let life imitate a soap opera”